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What's inside our filtered water


Magnesium (Mg)

| Magnesium is also a commonly found compound in water. It is necessary for muscular activity and also plays an important role in many metabolic functions. Daily intake of Mg is necessary through food and water.

Hydrogen & Oxygen (H2O)

| Water, as we all know, has two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. Although, this structure is only found in distilled water.

Copper (Cu)

| Copper in moderate amounts is necessary, but too much copper can be toxic. Pipe corrosion can lead to copper pollution in water, raising certain health concerns. It can also make the water acidic and harmful.

Calcium (Ca)

| Almost all drinking water contains calcium. Hard water has an excess of calcium and magnesium. On average, the calcium content should be 60mg/l. Although, there are no defined side effects of overindulgence.

Sodium (Na)

| Sodium is mostly in the form of NaCl. Due to our rich salt diet, drinking water with a minimal sodium chloride level is recommended. If you drink water with a high level of sodium, it can cause several diseases.

Other Minerals

| There are many other minerals toxic substances found in water. None of these are harmful in a certain amount, but they can cause serious problems in excess. Therefore, it is necessary to drink filtered water with ideal composition.


Welcome to SoCal Healthy Water! We believe that one of the best ways to take control of your family’s health is by taking control of the water quality in your home. We’ve found first hand that the best way to do that is with a home water filter and conditioner system. By installing a whole home water filtration system you are not only investing in your health, but also protecting your biggest investment, your home. 

Here at SoCal Healthy Water we are here to serve and bring awareness around the issue of poor water quality, which is not only a concern here in Southern California but all around the U.S. The danger of consuming the chemicals that are added to our water is real, and we are helping to solve this problem one home at a time with our whole home water filtration system installation service. Southern, CA tap water is teaming with contaminants that dry our skin and hair, damage our plumbing system, pose long term health risks, and create avoidable home plumbing repairs in the future. 


We use industry leading water filtration systems that meet the Gold Standard in water filtration. As licensed plumbing contractors we validate your warranty with our manufacturer to ensure a 6-Year Guarantee for the product.  We provide professional installation service for a water quality you can trust.  The systems we install are top of the line and have met the highest quality standards possible in water filtration. 

Taking control of our health should start with the water we consume everyday, right? What if you can get clean, safe, and purified filtered water straight from your tap that doesn’t damage your skin, appliances or fixtures and is actually better than bottled water? A home water filter & softener system is the way to go and is scientifically proven to do just that!  


Before our water is delivered to our faucets it is treated by cities with chemicals to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other contaminants. Amongst others Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramine are used during the treatment process for all over California water. Most Southern California water companies have started adding a dangerous chemical called Chloramine, which is believed to cause major ongoing plumbing corrosion and leaks to copper piping in all over the california and is claimed to be linked to hair loss and skin rashes. Chloramine in water has been proven to have long term health affects just by using your shower. Hot showers open your pores on your scalp and skin causing the absorption rate to be 10X’s faster of any chemical good or bad.  Throughout the water treatment process water is treated with these chemicals to remove bacteria, contaminants, viruses, and parasites from tap water. An unhealthy amount of these chemicals are left in the water to combat against the exposure of contaminants in the city plumbing system. Harmful pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and hormones have all been found in water systems and in tap water. A proven solution to this problem is to intercept the main water line to your home with a high-quality water filter & conditioning system. Installing a home water filter system will ensure quality control. The water filter and conditioner system we install are designed to treat up to 1,000,000 Gallons of city water, remove 97% of Chlorine, reduced harmful heavy metals, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents. We provide our installation service to give you peace of mind and tap water you can trust! 


We use gold standard, scientifically tested water filtration systems that remove over 97% of chlorine from tap water. They have been proven to reduce harmful herbicides, pesticides, sediment, rust, industrial solvents, and water soluble metals and are specifically designed for cities like California water purification. Up to 1,000,000 Gallons of pure, clean, filtered water delivered to every faucet in the house. The system is also backed with 10-year manufacturer warranty and has been ranked best in the industry for years.

Protect your plumbing and ‘soften’ your water with Scale Control Media (SCM) technology for water conditioning and descaling in Los Angeles. SCM transforms the chemical composition without adding minerals or salts. The ‘hard’ minerals are transformed into harmless microscopic, inactive crystal particles giving a nice, soft water feeling. This process significantly reduces scale build-up and will extend the life of your plumbing and appliances without removing the beneficial minerals our bodies love and need.

One of the best ways to protect your home plumbing system is to filter and descale the water before it enters your home piping system. City water is full of hard minerals and industrial sediments that build up and destroy appliances and plumbing systems. Protect your plumbing system and home appliances by reducing the adverse affects of scale and corrosion. We are licensed (CSLB# 1048912) plumbing specialists and here for all plumbing needs and plumbing repairs needed.

See why our clients give us 5 STAR REVIEWS on Yelp!
Jim T
Jim T
If I could offer more stars, I would. Chris was extremely patient and helpful from the very first call. His workers were clean and punctual. I highly recommend SoCal Healthy Water. My family is very happy with the RO System, Whole House Filtration and Softener. Jim in Temple City
Amazing guy and amazing business. Goes out of his way to make it easy on you and super reliable. Also does handyman work and has saved my life a few times when I really needed help. The water system has been running perfectly for about two years now. So happy with this business
Ruby Law
Ruby Law
Finally! All those mineral deposits and rungs all over are going away! We live in the mountains in Tehachapi with VERY hard water. I spent quite some time researching the whole-house water filtration system, called the manufacturer and got a referral for someone (somewhat) local for installation. I spend a long time talking with the owner who patiently answered all my questions, and went ahead with ordering the system. A short time later, he called me back and told me that the system arrived, so we scheduled for technicians to come out. They came out only a few days later and set up the system, brilliantly adapting it around the idiotic design of my house's water main. Almost immediately, soap was lathering better, and all those hard water spots on everything are going away! Everyone I dealt with was friendly, patient and professional. I highly recommend this company and this water system!
Kan Katsumi
Kan Katsumi
Great guys! Had other work done by them, so we knew they were skilled and reliable. Installed water softener with protective shed in a day. Also reverse osmosis system in kitchen for drinking water. Very professional and meticulous. Highly recommend.
Nnamdi Gwacham
Nnamdi Gwacham
Chris and his team are such professionals! They worked quickly while also taking the time to stop and answer the questions. They are knowledgeable individuals and take the utmost care, and have resultant pride in their work. Thank you
Tareq Alhalwani
Tareq Alhalwani
The best investment for a new home👌 Chris and his team did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Jamie McDaniels
Jamie McDaniels
When I first moved to the Westside I was excited because I thought living closer to the ocean would make my skin better...to my unpleasant surprise I discovered that my skin actually got way worse! It’s been dryer than ever, and I even started noticing an increase in rosacea. I asked my facialist why and she said it’s because of the gross water in our city. In addition to that, I also have become concerned upon recently learning that the odds of cancer increase when drinking out of plastic water bottles. I currently LOVE drinking water and up until now I’ve been solely drinking from plastic water bottles for years... all this to say I am BEYOND GRATEFUL TO HAVE FOUND SAFE WATER for me and my family with SoCal Healthy Water! We just had them install a filter under our kitchen sink as well as our shower. The water TASTE AMAZING and I’m uber picky about the taste of water so that’s a big win! The shower pressure feels great too! And my heart is just so happy knowing I am no longer putting all those horrible contaminants on my skin! Thank you SoCal Healthy Water for literally changing our lives!
Caleb Wood
Caleb Wood
Chris and his team are such professionals! They worked quickly while also taking the time to stop and answer the questions I had (which were a lot). They were true professionals in helping me select which filter system is right for my home and made me feel confident in the investment I was making for my family. We were getting tired of going to fill up our 5 gallon bottles and still not being 100% sure that the water is purified and of quality. Now we know because it's being filtered right at home! We ended up going with the whole home water filter and salt-free descaler combination. We can feel the difference right away when taking a shower or doing the dishes! Thanks so much Chris!!!
natacha itzel
natacha itzel
Our doctor recommended SoCal Healthy Water when we told him we needed a filtration system for our apartment. The water in Pasadena is pretty bad and we were ready for a change. We were given different options that would work in our rental and ultimately decided on the reverse osmosis system and shower filters. We are beyond pleased with our choice. The water is delicious (tastelessly delicious), our shower filters leave our skin soft and our hair shiny. But the best part is the service. Our apartment has awful plumbing issues and the owner of SoCal Healthy Water, Chris, has worked with us (he’s a skilled plumber as well) to navigate around our issues in order to keep our reverse osmosis system. He’s also available by text which is convenient should any issues arise. All in all, a great experience. Quality products. Fantastic customer service. We’ll definitely be using them again when we buy our home.
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia
My family lives in Los Angeles and we notice that there was a problem with the water. It was not safe for us to take showers. Also was not safe to drink anymore My wife’s hair started to fall out so I decided to get the water softener system to protect my wife and family from anything with this bad water out here in Los Angeles. We called Chris who was very professional and kind They came right the next day and installed the softener system It was installed very professionally and it is working so well for me and my family thank you Chris.